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Zvi Binor was born in Israel and emigrated to the United States. He has travelled  and photographed widely throughout  the Middle East,  Europe and  North America.  His landscape images are rich in detail and done with a painters eye for  color and composition.  He works in all photo formats and has had numerous gallery exhibitions.

Richard Rawlins was born in the United States and has lived and photographed extensively in the Caribbean, South America and North America.  He has worked as agency stringer,  published in Look Magazine, National Geographic, New Scientist, JAMA and numerous  other professional journals.   He works in 35mm, digital SLR, and medium format.   He is co-author of  the "Cayo Santiago Macaques", which contains many of his  rhesus monkey images 


                            ZVI BINOR                  RICHARD RAWLINS


   Available  from Amazon. com or SUNY Press, NY